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Gabriele Ghetti Gamma

When asked to introduce his company, Gabriele Ghetti, founder and president of Gamma, loves to use its original name: Gamma Arredamenti, or “a range of furnishings,” it’s an apt name for the company that offers a vast selection of furniture and has come to be known simply as “Gamma” over time. Specializing in contemporary sofas and leather beds, Gamma also offers complementary designs in the form of coffee tables, bedside tables and a selection of accent chairs.“It all started with the family business, which was crafting suitcases,” says Gabriele. His origin story offers one unexpected twist: the future furniture specialist spent his childhood surrounded by leather, but of the vegetal variety.

It’s a point of distinction that allowed him to design sofas that were unlike anything on the market and make the material the focal point for the company he launched in 1974, not far from the original family business in Forli, near Bologna, in the Northern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna. From the beginning, Gabriele wanted to stand out against his competitors. When he decided to convert to genuine leather, he knew the raw material he sourced would have to be innovative. So, he turned to tanneries that not only offer the most beautiful leathers (full grain and aniline), but that also collaborate with fashion brands to ensure they’re up-to-date on the trends. It’s a strategic solution that ensures his textures and colours are always in tune with the times.

More than 40 years later, Gabriele continues to insist on the importance of innovation and originality. His luxury brand collaborates with architects around the globe, an elite group tapped to publicize the brand and inspire new ideas. “We have a very demanding clientele, with high expectations and an in-depth knowledge of trends. Sometimes we are asked to modify certain aspects of a piece of furniture for a project, and these changes allow us to take a new look at a piece,” explains Gabriele. A simple detail, the choice of a hue, a different base —every element can take an unexpected turn until the piece is complete.

While originality is paramount for Gamma, customer satisfaction is just as important, which can be challenging for a brand that is now sold in 55 countries. To navigate the cultural differences meet different expectations — Gamma counts on a specially chosen selection of trusted allies, including Maison Corbeil, the exclusive partner and retailer of Gamma in Quebec. Gabriele remembers his first encounter with the company well. “I had the chance to meet Colette (the wife of the founder, Raymond Corbeil) at the Paris Furniture Fair 25 years ago.She is always looking for innovation. She came to our booth, liked what we were presenting and found our original work. She even bought a sofa in a flashy color!” Over the years, an ongoing dialogue has developed between the manufacturer and the retailer, allowing Gabriele to take the pulse of the Quebec market and adapt his offer accordingly — a task he completes by making frequent visits here.

Understanding customers’ needs is essential nowadays, and Gamma is doing just that by catering to one of the latest market trends: personalized products. The company offers consumers the chance to customize every aspect of their purchase, from the texture and colour of the leather to the dimensions of their piece of furniture, creating endless possibilities. The pervasiveness of social media certainly plays a part in people’s desire to own (and flaunt) a unique piece that reflects their personality. So, has unfettered access to the vast visual universe populated by the likes of Pinterest or Instagram changed the game? “The customer is better informed,” confirms Gabriele, “but in return, it gives greater visibility to the brand. Our expertise becomes our way to engage!”

The expertise


All of Gamma’s furniture is produced in its own factory, which brings together the highly skilled craftsmen responsible for engineering, carpentry, hide marking, cutting, sewing and padding under one roof spanning more than 16,000 square metres.

What’s new at Gamma

Keep an eye out in 2018 for the launch of a printed leather that will be unveiled at the Milan Furniture Fair this spring, as well as the arrival of a light-as-air leather chair, featuring a nearly weightless structure similar to that of outdoor furniture but designed for inside.

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