The Birth of a Vision

As the 1967 Universal Exhibition marked a turning point and put Montreal on the map, it also opened the eyes of Quebecers to a world of design. .

Inspired by European style, Colette and Raymond Corbeil set a goal of offering contemporary and modern furniture—an idea born in 1973.

After a period steeped in development, trials and challenges, the first visionary store opened in 1982 in Montreal, laying the foundation upon which the brand stands today.

Making Its Mark Through Time

For 30 years, Maison Corbeil has shaped its identity by listening to the needs and wants of its customers, and by constantly seeking pieces that are as distinctive as they are refined.

From then on, its stores have multiplied and transformed, offering ever more accessible furniture and accessories while maintaining the same standards of quality and service that has set it apart since the beginning.

Today, as it extends its footprint to Ontario, Maison Corbeil is further strengthening its status as a benchmark in the world of interior furnishings.



A Contemporary

For more than 50 years, we have been lifestyle creators, serving our customers with our expertise and vision rich in character and elegance. With our unique approach, we offer a cutting-edge selection of furniture by local and international designers, as well as accessories that capture the current trends. Our goal is to join you in creating timeless and inviting settings that reflect who you are.

At Maison Corbeil, we believe that design is within everyone’s reach, making it accessible without compromise.



A Legacy of Style

Our visionary spirit and commitment to current design is all thanks to Colette Corbeil, who founded Maison Corbeil in 1973 alongside her husband, Raymond. An avant-garde woman, she is the inspiration behind the countercurrent personality and pioneering spirit that sets us apart. Today, Colette’s sons Éric and Stéphane Corbeil join her in bestowing the company’s precious heritage to the family’s third and youngest generation.

Thanks to the family’s know-how and intuition, the company continues to ensure a supply of sought-after, accessible design. With its unmatched experience and savoir faire, the family continues to promote design that is at once elegant and accessible.






Exceptional Design

Resolved in our contemporary nature, we favour neutral tones. They provide the ideal backdrop for staging our refined settings, featuring accents inspired by the latest trends. Scouring local and international fairs in search of fashionable styles, our team carefully selects the furniture and accessories that form each distinctive universe presented in our stores while taking care to offer a varied price range.



"As we turn 50, we like to remind ourselves that our best-selling products were created many years, even decades, ago. Good design never gets old."

– Éric Corbeil

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