Take a look back in time through the lens of the iconic furniture that defined their respective eras and helped shape our history. They’re the cult-status pieces that put their renowned designers on the map. Timeless as ever, they continue to influence and inspire the design scene of today as they chart the course for its future.

On the occasion of our 50th anniversary, we’re giving you the chance to acquire these exceptional pieces at a special price.*





A long-time favourite of our co-founder Colette Corbeil, Togo embodies the avant-garde spirit of the ’70s with its inventive design, inspired by a tube of toothpaste, and all-foam structure. Ahead of its time, it took 20 years for this sofa to achieve true success.


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One Togo chair takes more than 40 hours to produce and 400 metres of thread. Hailed for its modular design and incredible lifespan, this seat lasts up to 40 years.

Peter Maly 2

A reissue of the iconic Peter Maly bed by Ligne Roset, this version strips away the superfluous to arrive at the essential: a place to relax that adapts to your needs with its removable cushions. A bona fide marvel of design.

Built for endless arrangements, this bed perfectly embraces the creative spirit of its designer and his mission to produce lasting furniture in terms of design, comfort and use.


Initially created in 1971 for the private apartments of President Georges Pompidou at the Palais de l'Élysée, this design by Pierre Paulin was updated in 2008 in order to make it more accessible in terms of both comfort and price, cementing its status as a timeless design icon.


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Its shape is reminiscent of a giant pumpkin, offering a lush and enveloping seat.


Designed to fit the unique shape of the user’s body, the Timeout armchair by Conform stands out as much for its comfort as for its unique mix of leather and wood..

Its creator, renowned Norwegian designer Jahn Aamodt, believes in creating products that respond to customers’ desires, infusing each design with personality and character for lasting quality. Mission accomplished.


Kartell has long tapped designers who are as creative as they are avant-garde. Kabuki is a case in point. A thermoplastic-injected, lace-like lamp, it’s a modern gem rooted in tradition, and among the many reasons the brand has seen of such great success at Maison Corbeil since 2019.


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On the floor, on a table and even in pendant form, this lamp charms with not only its beauty but also its array of formats that adapt to all types of decor and space.


Introduced in 2011, Ploum is a decidedly atypical sofa design. Conceived as an asymmetrical piece of furniture with an organic shape, it offers exceptional comfort thanks to its soft foam, which supports every lounging position imaginable.

“Ploum is a way to combine comfort, comfort and comfort.”
– Michel Roset, president at Ligne Roset


The epitome of Italian expertise, the Harley swivel chair offers an ergonomic seat while elevating its surroundings with its decidedly design-forward silhouette. Its upholstery, available in leather or fabric, is adorned with beautiful hand-stitched detailing.


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Artisanal and customizable handiwork is at the heart of every Gamma creation. From decorative stitching seams to cutting-edge tanning techniques, everything is executed with the utmost care and a guarantee of the brand’s exceptional quality.


Released in 1969, Componibili revolutionized modular furniture design with its stackable storage compartments. Designed to meet a range of different needs, this side table fits perfectly into every room of the house, still to this day.

Designed by Anna Castelli Ferrieri for Kartell, it has been updated for today in recycled materials. Its modern, rounded structure is available with two or three storage compartments.

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