Modern Boudoir, Anything but Average

Set against a neutral canvas, a chic sofa truly pops. Striking furniture acts as a cornerstone around which you can arrange smaller furniture and accessories that catch the eye.

Bold Elegance

Comfortable and majestic, the velvet sectional sofa, a shining living room star, is the centerpiece of this contemporary space that’s at once bold and chic. The warm texture, the rich burgundy colour and, of course, the statement-making size of this sofa make a striking impact in this loft, which is distinguished by the white and grey tones of the brick walls and the oversized rug on the floor. Note the sofa’s stitching and coppery metal base, whose delicate, modern lines accentuate the refinement of the design.

Take a cue from this décor and design your living room with unique pieces that have personality, such as a comfortable sofa with panache, a large, design-forward light fixture, or a large pouf with plenty of character.
This particular pouf, round and padded, shines with glamour and injects a decidedly sophisticated, retro touch. Plus, its dimensions are perfect for accompanying the sofa!

Subtle Femininity

On trend for a few seasons now, vintage rose won’t be going anywhere soon. On the contrary, it’s ready for you to dust it off and use it to accent small furniture or in the form of accessories, such as an armchair or a textured glass vase. Soft and subtle, powder pink, vintage rose and rose quartz all soften an atmosphere of deeper tones when used to highlight and pull out paler shades. For a more discreet way to play with pink, simply opt for a throw. For a more daring look, don’t hesitate to pair soft pink with bronze or marble to enhance these luminous materials.

Finally, be on the lookout for exceptional furniture that will ensure a meticulous and distinctive decor. Here, the side table turns heads thanks to the nature of its fine composition: a seamless, raw iron structure, eccentric shape and modern curves. At once industrial and minimalist, its style contrasts with the sofa while echoing the industrial-style lighting.