Comfort and Lightness

Nature invites itself into this monochrome interior where lightness and comfort reign. The grandiose, fully modular sofa promises maximum comfort for all!

Well-Considered Spontaneity

In this all-grey-and-white room, the lines are asymmetrical, while a few decorative objects appear to be displayed at random, creating a light atmosphere. The black, introduced in the legs of the armchair and tables, as well as the sideboard, adds a youthful, urban touch to this clean and contemporary atmosphere.
Entirely modular, the statement-making sofa evokes a feeling of cozy comfort, offering a place to escape from the noise and routine of everyday life. Incredibly practical, the oversized armrests can serve as a side table and accommodate a tray, books and even a drink. In addition, the circular theme of the side tables and turntable adds another subtle contrast.
Add soft textures to warm up the space, such as a silky rug, a sheepskin chair, a long-haired pouf, and cushions covered in textured fabrics.

Nature Quest

Nature makes a decided appearance in our interiors. If floral and plant patterns are popular for living rooms, why not take advantage of our verdant picks to liven up your space?
Here, natural lighting is enhanced by light colours and finishes. Indeed, the spotted antique mirrors of the side tables reflect the light that shines through the grandiose bay window while creating the illusion of added space. The metallic reflections of the black legs, as well as those of the floor lamp, contribute to this effect. Feel free to add smooth, reflective materials to the decor that not only add depth and sparkle to the room, but also capture the beauty of the surrounding environment.
Finally, the floral-print art with baroque accents and touches of pink offset the starker side of the contemporary decor and complement the antique mirror.