Stand out at the Office

Dare to go big with your decor to create for a striking, contemporary-style office space and that will keep you motivated through long work sessions.

Style Mix

Striking accessories, such as the industrial-style floor lamp, are the key to giving this elegant decor a dramatic effect. Even still, this desk manages to stand out and even serves as the focal point of this space. In fact, even with its wrought-iron composition and raw finish, it reveals an air of fine craftsmanship with great finesse. It also stands on a delicate silhouette, despite the seemingly heavy nature of the materials from which it’s made. Two integrated side shelves offer storage, while the decorative ring accents are reminiscent of Art Deco style.

It’s important to remember that in order to create a dazzling space like this, the first step is finding a uniquely refined desk, around which you can design the rest of the space using original and pronounced decor. Likewise, skip the imposing shelving unit in favour of a slender model that stands out for its graceful and understated design.

Oversized Formats

In a large space, choose generously sized accessories to add strong accents that decorate the roof in an effortless way. As well, choose a singular wall as the focal point. For example, laying an oversized, abstract, black-and-white print against the wall will liven up the space with its grand, contemporary style.

Lighting will also help you add a chic and striking element to the decor. Look for an angular floor lamp that will add an architectural touch. Here, Annabelle is part rustic-, part retro- and part industrial-style, mixing a modern form with raw materials such as granular metal and tinted wood. Be sure to choose a practical model as well, namely one with a handle and a tilting shade.

Finally, bring in accessories with character to personalize your space. A sculptural accent and an eye-catching chair that combines convenience with style should do the trick. Better still, choose a chair that you can use in your living room or dining room as needed.