Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Adding storage to your office space is the fastest way to increase your focus and reduce your stress.

Simply Chic

On top of allowing you to clear away your work both literally and figuratively, added storage also lets you appreciate your office furniture to the fullest. The clean lines and contrasting materials of the Oscar desk create a striking look that’s perfectly suited for getting down to business. Meanwhile, the subtle curves, fabric-upholstered seat, and natural wicker back of the Alexa office chair add a soft and soothing touch to take the edge off long days at work. With the help of a cabinet like Rimini, this well-organized space puts these statement pieces front and centre.



What’s more, with the stacks of paper and piles of stuff neatly tucked away, you’ll have not only better focus but also the opportunity to put your favourite decorative objects on display. Placing accessories that calm and inspire you in your sightline ensures you’ll be primed to perform and be your most productive self, each and every day.


Clever Cabinet

Whether you work in an office or work from home, nothing beats the peace and satisfaction of working in a decluttered space. If the aesthetics alone aren’t reason enough, endless research shows that a messy office can negatively impact your mental well-being and cause feelings of stress. Thankfully, a streamlined cabinet can make all the difference. A practical storage option that needn’t skimp on style, our enclosed shelving comes in a range of sizes and finishes to suit any setting.

Start by selecting a cabinet that’s large enough to fit your office essentials with room to spare, but not so big that it will become the focal point of your space. For an effortless and elegant fit, choose a shade that matches the walls and floor of your workspace. Here, the cream-toned cabinet blends in seamlessly while offering ample space inside for files, books, and work supplies. Its louvered doors add visual interest without being a distraction, in addition to letting the uplifting art print of birds in flight shine.