Creative Sanctuary

Set your imagination free in a boho-chic office space featuring a bold mix of patterns, colours and textures.

Artistic Elegance

It’s easy to find inspiration in an artistic-style office like this. A cross between shabby- and boho-chic, the joyful atmosphere of this room comes to life thanks to a thoughtful mix of styles and gold-toned furniture. In antique matte brass with a trestle-style base, this desk offers a sleek and airy look that’s well suited for a small space, while the white marble top brings a touch of sophistication to the decor. Though it would fit easily in a corner of the room, this desk makes a much stronger impact when it’s placed in the centre of the room.

At once practical and stylish, the matching shelving unit comes in two widths. In order to maintain a relaxed and airy atmosphere, dedicate some shelf space to your favourite objects in neutral tones, such as fine art and coffee table books, as well as refined accessories that will enhance your decor without overwhelming the space.

Warm Touches

Choose a compact office chair to complement materials like marble and brass. Free of armrests, adjustable and equipped with swivel casters, this one slides easy under the desk. At the same time, be sure to create a colour contrast. Here, matte black offsets the room’s muted tones in the form of a table lamp and decorative sculpture. Next, add a laid-back touch with playful frames! Place two or three paintings on the floor or on a piece of furniture in order to give your office that “artist’s studio” look.

Finally, add a distinctive element to break things up. In this setting, the colourful velvet ottoman offsets the room’s neutral hues. Its fun, mid-century modern look certainly catches the eye! Textile touches, like a lovely oversized rug, can also help warm up the space. Look for patterned styles, and if your budget allows, overlap two rugs that make a statement with their different, but harmonious, motifs.