Boost your Productivity

Sometimes, the ideal place to focus is a simple and airy space with a minimalist design.

Ergonomic Precision

In this office with a contemporary look and minimalist lines, the desk becomes the focal point of the decor. It is a prime example of smart design, with a minimalist structure that disguises its many functions. Indeed, the Sequel model shown here allows you to change your sitting position with ease. Complete with a motorized base you can control with a keyboard, it allows you to store your top four settings and adjust them with ease. It is also equipped with wire holes to help avoid clutter and organize your cables in immaculate style.

It’s equally important to invest in a comfortable office chair with an ergonomic design that offers a wide range of seating configurations. When it comes to shelving units, opt for a model that features deep shelves while also delivering on style. Here, the angled furniture is at once minimalist and multi-purpose. Equally at home in a living room or bedroom, its understated look, combining smoked glass and wood, adds a warm touch any space.

Perfect Balance

Putting a unique spin on a space where functionality reigns supreme might seem like a challenging task, but our expert advice will help you pull it off in seamless style: Start by limiting the number of materials and colours you incorporate, and stick to simple, straight lines. In this space, matte and black textures serve as a common thread and make for a coherent table-and-chair pairing. The accent chair and floor lamp with a functional swivel head complete the look while adding an eye-catching touch.

Together with a shelving unit that ties back to the natural, walnut look of the table, this set would suit any sized office. In a large space, play around by incorporating an element that shakes things up, such as a sand-hued, aged-leather chaise longue. The cozy shape of this one makes it the perfect spot to relax and read.