The Zeitgeist

This grey-and-blue dining room combines comfort with retro, industrial and contemporary styles to create an eclectic effect.

Noble Materials

Hot and cold elements come together in this space. Wondering how to achieve a harmonious look? Pair a table featuring straight lines and noble materials (such as polished white marble and antique brass) with chairs covered in cozy fabrics (such as velvet or leather) that stand out for their graceful and curved silhouettes. In diamond point, the quilted backrests of these seats capture the eye while lending a modern look to the overall space.

The blue poufs complement the shades of grey, while their slightly shimmery reinforces the chic aesthetic of the room. For its part, the industrial-style sideboard adds touches of texture with such materials as iron and perforated brass.

Intentional Eclecticism

The table dominates this decor while bringing a current and contemporary vibe to the dining room. The accessories and the light fixture also enhance the space with an elegance appeal.

A brass chandelier that calls to mind the famous Sputnik light fixture adds a modern retro air to the dining room and effectively brightens the room. Consider introducing a frame or an abstract mural for an artistic touch.

Finally, be clever in your choice of furniture. This sideboard not only has style, but also several storage options. The drawers hide anything you would prefer not to display, while the cabinets showcase standout dishes and small items. Meanwhile, the angular base of the dining table provides enough room for a set of statement chairs, while the poufs serve as extra seating.