Superimposed Figures

Punctuated with black, this dining room combines several influences (Scandinavian, modern and contemporary), for a refined and graphic result.

Dynamic Contrasts

The trick to incorporating black in order to create a graphic and timeless atmosphere in your dining room? Pair it with classic shades, such as charcoal and white, and choose furniture and fixtures with simple, well-defined geometric lines. Play with shapes to offset the starkness of the shade. In this large condo, where the smooth carpet stealthily delineates the space dedicated to the dining room, the rigid style of the slender table and sideboard are cleverly softened by the curves of the chairs and their triangular shaped base.

Warm materials also help create a personalized contrast in this room. The sideboard, whose bare structure contrasts the rusticity of the oak, brightens the dining room, while its black outlines tie subtly and coherently back to the table and chairs.

Steady Calm

Use organic elements as well to bring warm touches into an urban dining room. An indoor plant on the table will balance the minimalist appearance of the space. Look to the timeless foliage of palms, bamboo, ferns or even succulents to add an exotic accent to the room. Opt as well for decorative pots with sculptural forms and contrasting shades to help your plants stand out elegantly.

Consider an understated yet striking work of art to complement predominantly urban, almost Zen, atmospheres. Draw on the graphic theme with a canvas of the same nature. Whether you prefer abstract prints, charcoal drawings inspired by Etruscan mythological figures, contemporary lithographs or Jean Cocteau–style paper drawings, go for simplicity.