Natural Sophistication

Japanese craftsmanship inspires a casual look in this distinguished dining room with an unexpected, Art Deco–revisited style.

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A masterpiece in this fascinating dining room, the substantial and sculptural table is perfect for a large home and skilfully combines two opposing trends to brilliant effect: the exuberant Art Deco movement and the more sober, minimalist aesthetic of Japanese style. The chic metal base, whose curves recall those of the iconic coffee table created by designer Isamu Noguchi, offsets the organic appearance of the wooden top with its polished contours.

In addition to this combination of genres is a play on geometry filled with flawless details. For instance, the rounded edges of the table counterbalance the honeycomb pattern of the sideboard, the channel tufting of chairs and the grid-like pattern of the wallpaper, a veritable nod to shōji sliding doors traditionally made of rice paper.

Material Games

In a dining room where black is the predominant shade, the presence of metallic accents and vibrant materials are essential to help brighten the room. The mirrored cabinets of the sideboard and the brass, found in its simplest form on the base of the table and chairs, are a clever solution for naturally illuminating the space.

For a chic yet attainable effect, add materials that help warm the space. The wooden floor and woven carpet add a casual touch to the decor and make this luxurious dining room a lovely place where you can easily imagine spending time.
A balance between the bare design and more ornamental elements is also struck by incorporating the right accessories. Here, asymmetrical ceramic tableware, inspired by wabi-sabi style, adds a distinctive and artisanal touch.

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