Intentional & Inviting

Meant for more than just meals, a dedicated dining area is where you can disconnect from the world and reconnect with the ones you love. Follow these simple decor tips to turn where you eat into a warm and welcoming space.

Cozy Connection

For weeknight dinners with the family or special gatherings with friends, a refined-meets-rustic dining table like Lodge offers irresistible warmth with ample room to spare. A spacious cabinet like Salem keeps essentials like dishes and cutlery conveniently within reach, while adding a decorative element by way of clear glass doors that put your standout serving pieces and decorative objects on full display.

Alluring Accents

With wicker furniture still winning out, our Britt dining chair will be a daily draw with its trendy-meet-timeless design and comfortable cushioned seat. Offsetting its natural wicker and ivory linen upholstery, Britt’s contrasting black wood frame also connects with the darker elements of the room for a comfortingly harmonious look. Last but certainly not least, light-toned accessories like textured vases, a washed-effect rug and fluid-form art print bring this gathering space together to brightening effect.