Sweet Serenity

See how a soothing palette and plenty of storage can work wonders when it comes to creating a sense of calm in your space.

Concealed Attraction

Whether it’s a hodgepodge of furnishings or simply heaps of stuff, a mess can no doubt disrupt the mood of your place. “Cluttered space, cluttered mind,” as the saying goes. Certainly, of all the rooms in your home, where you rest and recharge is an essential place to reduce your stress, the bedroom.

Enter Madeline, a streamlined bed with hidden storage. In addition to its soft upholstery and comfortably padded headboard, this highly practical piece features a concealed compartment beneath the mattress for extra sheets, clothing and any other belongings you want to keep out of sight—and out of mind.

A Sleek Approach

There is no such thing as too much storage in a well-ordered space. Here, Divina, a rectilinear nightstand on either side of the bed helps keep smaller personal objects out of view while providing sleek surfaces for putting serene arrangements of decorative objects on display.

Shades of Grey

Whether for reading and relaxing upon waking or before sleep, a plush and enveloping armchair is the perfect way to settle into a peaceful state. All the better if there’s a soft pouf like Praline on which to rest your feet.

Last but certainly not least, opt for a consistency of neutral tones to help cut down on visual clutter. A mix of soft cream, beige and grey, coupled with traces of rich black and brown, create a cohesive environment conducive to clearing your mind and calming your senses.