Pure Splendour

The luxurious room, in all its comfort, takes its cue from contemporary boutique hotels and has us dreaming of cosmopolitan cities like New York, London and Milan.

Brilliant Sophistication

One of the standout features of this space is its verticality. Indeed, the oversized upholstered headboard is the key element that sets the tone, while the bedside tables and lamps help to accentuate its height. Its rectangular padding, accented with the metal inserts, also adds a dramatic flair. No doubt, “pomp” and “comfort” are the key words in this room!

Fittingly, noble materials such as velvet, white marble and brass come together to create a luxurious atmosphere, evoking the chic interiors of boutique hotels. This sumptuous look is enhanced by an opulent fur throw, metallic touches on the accessories and an inviting armchair that we love for its low, shelter backrest and channel padding.

Graphic Breaks

A wall painted in a dark, dramatic and daring colour serves as a backdrop. Essential and timeless, black is the perfect shade for bringing out the details of this room and making the other hues pop. It’s the secret to scaling each element’s presence. Applied to the wall, the matte black colour creates a strong contrast with the shades of beige and the metallic elements of the room. The notes of white (in the sheets and lampshades) punctuate the decor with a luminous effect.

To lend a contemporary touch to a luxurious room, consider incorporating furniture with a graphic look. Here, the side table and bedside tables feature airy forms that enhance the overall composition. The moldings, meanwhile, add depth and play on the linear look.