Low Profile

Here is a room in a chiaroscuro setting that highlights contemporary furniture and a pared-down bed to create a dramatic, Zen-like effect.

A Bed in the Spotlight

The clear focal point of this setting, the bed reigns supreme at the centre of the room, even with its deliberately understated form and simple white sheets! The bed’s unexpected placement adds a theatrical element to the decor—an effect that’s enhanced by the contrast of the black walls and the classical ornamentation. As a result, the minimalist look of the upholstered bed catches the eye and creates a sense of calm.

Try this type of arrangement in a loft or large room with high ceilings to fill or separate the bedroom space in an original way. You could even place the bed on a diagonal to change the proportions of the room. Then, behind the headboard, a world of possibilities awaits, whether you choose a walk-in closet, a small desk or extra storage space. In every case, choose a bed with a low profile and a discreet headboard so as not to overwhelm the rest of the decor or obstruct your view.

A New Approach

The contrast between the horizontal lines of the furniture and the vertical architecture of the room create a complete look, while just a few functional elements warm the space. This approach, which consists of collecting a few carefully selected objects, is continuing to win over more and more design enthusiasts these days.

Composed of a black walnut top, the side table slides easily beneath the bed thanks to its eccentric base. Practical, this piece of furniture is easy to move around, depending on your needs. The armchair, for its part, helps to create an intimate and comfortable mood with its cocoon shape.

Lastly, it’s worth noting the disproportionate mix of black and white. Placed in the foreground, black adds a plush touch. The imbalance gives the decor its unique and attractive appeal. Remember to mix up the textures and materials of the room and integrate notes of grey to bring the two main shades together in a fluid way.