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Harmonious Balance

In this room, rustic style is revisited in a contemporary way through the use of simple furniture with clean designs.

Natural Materials

Almost boyish, the decor of this room centres around a bed with understated lines. This design approach is versatile enough to suit an array of settings, be it a condo, chalet or country house. Its low form is useful here, since the bed, while quite large, does not compete with the generous fenestration. Its minimalist structure highlights its oak wood construction, while the raw finish of the material adds a rustic touch.

In an urban interior like this, natural materials, such as wood, are ideal for warming up the space. The material gives an inviting feel to a contemporary setting that might otherwise feel cold and austere.

The Search for Simplicity

Simple and efficient furniture prevails in this room, which makes a current statement and features only a select few pieces of functional furniture. To shake things up, aim for discreet asymmetry on either side of the bed — a technique often used in Japanese homes. The small, block-shaped bedside table, arranged next to the bed, creates a continuity of style. To the right of the bed, an airy storage unit offers more space and a touch of colour contrast. The two table lamps, in clashing shades and shapes, as well as the modern armchair, accentuate the asymmetrical effect.

With its subdued notes of white, grey and black, the decor of this room transcends time. The throw and the rug, which also delineate the space around the bed, give the room cozier look and help to break up the homogeneity of the space.

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