Brass Formula

Betting on the black dressers and finesse of brass, a game of volume and differing styles takes shape in this bedroom made up of mostly neutral tones.

The Great Return

Out of favour in recent years following its heyday in the early 2000s, the metal bedframe is making a major comeback. Whether in brushed bronze, antique brass, wrought iron or gold accents, it’s received a modern update from fashion-minded designers who, inspired by these precious metals, are giving it a decidedly contemporary look.

Make your metal bedframe the centerpiece of your decor. In a small room, opt for a fine and delicate structure. To offset its slim, feminine shape, place a postmodern wooden dresser on each side of the bed instead of a standard bedside table. This scale of opposing volumes, shapes and styles will help to highlight the headboard.

Sweet Unity

In order to preserve the serene atmosphere so essential to this space, echo the bed-and-dresser composition with small furniture and accessories of the same nature. A Scandinavian-style armchair, a side table that juxtaposes chic materials such as marble and brushed metal, as well as objects reminiscent of the headboard, will pull the space together in a harmonious way.

To pull of this style of decor, be sure to work with warm, neutral tones. Greige and taupe serve to link the different elements while giving the room a relaxed feel. Two additional details can make your decor look even more original and unique: first, the handmade touch of the hammered brass of the bedframe, and the patina finish of the dresser. Finally, the fur throw and mood-board-inspired art on wall give the space a Nordic accent.