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MaryRobert : Architectural Project

MaryRobertMarking the entrance of Griffintown and Montreal, the latest Devimco Immobilier project is unfolding as two towers,  anchored in both the past and the future, take form in innovative and singular style. Here is a closer look at a project that exemplifies exceptional vision and design. Boasting a prime location right on the edge of the Lachine Canal and steps from the future REM station, MaryRobert is distinguished by its visionary architecture. Its two towers — sisters but not quite twins — will host 500 units, including studios, one-to-three bedroom condos and  penthouses.A symbol of duality that plays on the contrast of light and shadow, rough and smooth textures, and masculinity and femininity, the project promises to become an emblem of design and historical  significance in a neighborhood that’s full of life and energy.

The opulence of luxury

The project is a feat of luxury, complete with high-end materials and finishes. Striking common areas, such as the majestic lobby with its works of art, cozy lounge space, fireplace and grand piano, are designed to enhance the lives of its residents. An elevated inner courtyard, with lush greenery, outdoor fireplaces and a lavish pool, offers breathtaking views. Everything here has been designed with boldness, calm and pleasure in mind — as if to unite both the city and nature in harmony.


A historic legacy

The two towers, in perpetual interaction, personify two figures who have made their marks on Montreal, and  especially Griffintown: Mary Griffin and Robert Peel. The former was an influential businesswoman in the 19th century who developed the neighborhood, street by street, and called it Griffintown. The latter was a great politician and free-trade  activist. The name of the project echoes the pair’s dedication to the development of the city.

Visionary partners

Considered Griffintown’s most prestigious and audacious real estate project  to date, MaryRobert is the achievement  of a renowned team with outstanding  expertise. The project is a prime example of how architectural firm Lemay has pooled its collective talent to push the boundaries of multidisciplinary living spaces. Blazys+Gérard, acclaimed for creating sensational and distinctive spaces, specializing in interiors that transport people into a story that’s brilliantly told.  It’s the interior-design firm’s magic  touch that helped give the project such a meticulously crafted unity. Finally, topnotch furnishings are a must for a project  of bold design and luxury. As such,  Maison Corbeil, the renowned Montreal- based brand of furniture and design  objects, fully furnished the model unit  of the major project.

Art supply

Developer Devimco Immobilier invited Quebec’s top artists to submit a proposal for wall mural that will be screen-printed on the glass of the building’s corridors and reach more than 60 metres in height. The finalists are: Pascale Girardin,  Nicolas Baier and René Derouin, along with the duo Doyon-Rivest. The artwork will be visible from both the inside  and outside of the building, benefiting not only its own residents but the residents  of the neighbourhood and city, too.  The artwork will work symbiotically with the architecture and promises to be  one of the greatest artistic integrations  Montreal has ever seen. The work  is expected to draw inspiration from the founding nations, from light, from presence and absence, and from fullness  and emptiness. The mural’s appearance will also change from day to night,  thanks to an innovative lighting system. The winner will be unveiled in June 2018, and the work’s inauguration will take place in 2020. The finalists will present their submissions in May to a jury composed of Patrick Blanchette, Alexandre Blazys, Marco Fontaine, Joanne Godin, Sylvie Lacerte, Marie Saint Pierre and  Alexandre Taillefer. Innovative and creative,  this initiative by Devimco Immobilier is representative of the company’s values. Click here for more information on MaryRobert.

MaryRobert Penthouse

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