Vacation Vibes

Make every day feel like an escape with these exotic touches and exposed storage tips.

Holiday Mode

Can’t stop dreaming of your next day off? Consider raising your work-from-home game with a resort-worthy office setup. Equal parts contemporary and boho-chic, the Avida desk infuses its surroundings with subtle island vibes thanks to its solid oak frame and natural rattan doors. Finished with slender brass legs for a breezy, lifted look, it’s paired with the Cassius chair that would feel right at home in the lobby of a five-star hotel.

Of course, function also plays an integral role when it comes to creating a relaxing environment. Equipped with a sleek, spacious top and enclosed storage on either side, this desk offers an abundance of storage for your everyday office essentials. Neatly stacked on top and carefully organized below, your belongings won’t clutter your space or your mind, clearing the way for you to achieve your goals. Likewise, with padded armrests and form-hugging seat, this chair offers the supple support you need to tackle your to-do list in tranquility and comfort.

Show and Tell

A well-decorated office is an often-overlooked way to set yourself up for success. Even the simplest decor upgrades can make your workday more inspiring, not to mention impress prospective clients and other guests. Peeking out from the backside of this desk, two open storage sections serve as small exhibition spaces for your most impressive objects and tomes. From conversation-starting souvenirs to best-selling books, the presentation possibilities are endless and can easily change to suit the season, month or mood.

Conveniently set beside the desk is a bookcase with staggered shelves. Whether exhibiting larger decorative accessories or housing a beautiful box of surplus files, Ebony simultaneously serves a practical purpose while enhancing the space with its polished, all-black finish and soaring design. With refined pieces impeccably arranged and everything in its rightful place, you too can create an office space you’ll never want to leave.

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