How to Create a Masculine Atmosphere

How to Create a Masculine Atmosphere

There is no need to limit yourself to the stereotypical attributes of a standard bachelor pad. This season, masculine interiors are defined by elegant notes and nonchalant sophistication. Here’s how...

Deep colors reign supreme

Forget about pastel shades and purple tones. Colour authority Pantone can confirm: shades that are at once warm, subtle and masculine are back in style.

First up is forest green, which makes a subtle statement, as does dynamic celadon. You can add a discreet hint of these shades by way of small furniture and decorative accents, or you can display them boldly on a wall or even a ceiling. In private spaces, pair them with a rich blue for a combination that’s both compelling and calming.


Additionally, there’s no denying that charcoal black is a typically masculine hue, but when used as an accent, it can provide an elegant contrast to wooden furniture without darkening the room.


Are you a fan of gray? Pair its tones of brown, caramel chocolate and cappuccino for a winning combination that works as well in common areas as it does in the bedroom.


Minimalist furniture take centre stage

Style your space with furniture that stands out for its stunning simplicity. Choose silhouettes with subtle lines, straight or curved, and focus more on the dimensions than the frills.

The ultimate example is a contemporary-style sofa in amber leather — a classic pick that’s always on point! A large armchair in the living room or a minimalist-style table in the dining room will likewise form a neutral foundation around which you can create a masculine atmosphere.


Just beware: to avoid the staid library look, incorporate cowhide and animal-print upholstery and accessories in small doses to incorporate some contrasting style.

It’s also worth noting that the Scandinavian trend has taken a Japanese turn. Known as “Japandi” among the designer set, the interior style is characterized by a juxtaposition of rich colours and the presence of dark wood.

Details that deliver

Geometric lighting, contrast-stitch covers, monochromatic accessories, sculptural greenery, abstract art…

For the ultimate masculine look, opt for decorative elements that marry fashion and function, like an electronic device!


Photo credit: Bang & Olufsen

The Beoplay A9 wireless speaker from Bang & Olufsen is just one of many fitting options: its streamlined design alone makes it a tasteful decor pick.

Fabrics and textures unite

Industrial design is no doubt associated with masculine style, but the aesthetic is now more refined and enticing than ever.

The rough appeal of raw materials such as concrete, brass and bronze is offset by the presence of on-trend details (tinted glass, marble, terrazzo) and casual fabrics made from natural fibres (linen, Egyptian cotton, flannel, mohair and wool).


These combinations create a sophisticated blend of textures for a warming effect, like this coffee table, which combines a glass surface with a dark wood base.

Eclectic with a focus on functionality and elegance, the best masculine decor is distinguished by its timeless style and soothing appeal.