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Office Furniture
The office is the place where we uncouple from our immediate surroundings and connect with the world at large. The good news is you can harmoniously integrate your workspace into your home. It all hinges on the way you arrange your space, furniture and ambience. Our office furniture arrangements are filled with ideas and styles to fit every taste, from trendy to traditional, contemporary to futuristic. We also offer a multitude of complimentary and essential office furnishing accessories. You’ll look forward to getting back to your desk to take care of business, study, or simply check your email. So back to work – and enjoy!

  • 058063-ambiance-bureau

    Camus Desk *New*

    • Code: 058063
  • 105056-ambiance-bureau

    Note Desk *New*

    • Code: 105056
  • 103748-ambiance-chaise

    Penelope Desk *New*

    • Code: 139571
  • 110887-ambiance-bureau

    Sequel Desk *New*

    • Code: 110887
  • Bureau Voltaire

    Voltaire Desk *New*

    • Code: 117891
  • thumbnail_secretaire-hemmingway

    Hemmingway Desk

    • Code: 66591
  • thumbnail_secretaire-hugo

    Hugo Desk

    • Code: 32186
  • thumbnail_secretaire-maisoncorbeil

    Maison Corbeil Desk

    • Code: 105731