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Home Lighting
Eyes front! Take a look at our lights. They transform a room’s ambience, warm it up, lighten the mood. Leading names in hanging lamps, table lamps and floor lamps all shine at Maison Corbeil, bringing creativity, expressiveness and comfort to your life. Let a bright halo shine over your home, highlighting its innovative personality and bold energy. Bring joy and intensity to the hours after dark, and watch as your home becomes a beacon of light.

  • thumbnail_lampe-bloom

    Bloom Hanging Lamp

    • Code: 51589
  • thumbnails_Bolero

    Bolero Floor Lamp

    • Code: 105918
  • photos_thumbnails_dolores

    Dolores Floor Lamp

    • Code: 88064
  • thumbnail_lampe-equo

    Equo Lamp

    • Code: 66355
  • thumbnails_eureka

    Eureka Floor Lamp

    • Code: 88056
  • photos_produits_Robert

    Karibu Lamp

    • Code: 84940
  • thumbnail_lampe-miniz

    Mini Z Table Lamp

    • Code: 56224