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Fillion Électronique carries everything from the latest generation of high-end TVs to more accessibly priced tech accessories,  including digital-to-analog converters, portable speakers and wireless headphones. In addition to offering a wide variety  of products and brands, Fillion is unquestionably renowned  for the quality of its service and the expertise of its team.  The importance of service is rooted in the history of the company. “Louis Fillion started out repairing televisions in 1956. He was  service-oriented, and his customers were extremely satisfied.  It was his priority,” says Sylvie Thibault, co-owner and spouse of Bernard Fillion, son of Louis and current head of the company.

Over time, Louis’ customers, delighted by his repair service, began asking him for new TVs, which he began selling out of his garage in addition to offering repairs. Before long, “Louis Fillion Repairs” became “Louis Fillion Televisions.” In 1973, he opened his first store at the corner of Bossuet and Jumonville, in the district of Longue-Pointe, where the company has remained for more than 45 years. “In 1988, we made the leap from a 1,000-sq.-ft. store to a 4,000-sq.-ft. space on Sherbrooke Street East, where we’re currently based,” says Sylvie. A visionary company, Fillion Électronique moved into audio systems from the late ‘80s through the ‘90s. In 2009, the company joined Maison Corbeil at its the Laval store. “There is a very good synergy between Maison Corbeil and Fillion,” says Sylvie. “We operate in two complementary industries, but we share the same customer profile.” Today, Fillion is a popular destination that meets the technology needs of even the most demanding customers.

Tech Trends to Watch

Optimal performance at affordable prices
“Products are becoming at once more efficient and more affordable. One good example is Sonos speakers, which can compete with more expensive products,” explains Sylvie. Such is the case for home automation, too — what was once a luxury that required a sizeable budget can now be acquired at a more accessible price point.

Connected products
Giving voice commands to a speaker and getting results without having to reach for your device is a fast-growing and much sought-after feature these days.

Smart screens
Expect superior image quality (4K, HDR) and increasingly slimmer screens. TV enthusiasts should also take note that 8K technology was introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year. When it comes to screen formats, “The largest size for the residential screens is 85 inches, but the most popular choice is 55 inches, a format that fits all spaces. Generally, those who set up a home theater will opt for a projector and canvas instead,” says Sylvie.

Gadgets to keep an eye out for

Top 4 Fillion Électronique

Bose QuietComfort-35 II
Bose’s QuietComfort 35 II wireless headphones offer the best noise reduction developed by Bose to date, as well as the Google As

Sonos One 
The Sonos One speaker is the latest offering from the multi-room audio brand. In addition to incredible sound, the speaker will soon integrate Amazon’s voice control function Alexa as well. 

Devialet Phantom
The Devialet Phantom is a wireless speaker delivering 1,200-watt amplification power   and outstanding sound quality

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Shape
starting at $5,000
The BeoSound Shape Wireless Wall Speaker System is fully customizable and provides an advanced wraparound sound worthy of the Bang & Olufsen name.

You can find Fillion Électronique at Maison Corbeil Laval, MUST Société Griffintown and MUST Société Quebec.