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A great place to work
You already know Maison Corbeil for its original take on decor and major
international brands. For its stunning ads and gorgeous catalogues.
For its staff’s warm welcome and sound advice.

Would you like to be a part of that special world, where creativity and friendliness
reign? If you understand the language of beautiful design, be sure to come and talk to us.

If you have…
a personality combining curiosity, creativity, cleverness, enthusiasm, proactivity dynamism and professionalism;
team spirit and respect for others;
great interpersonal skills and savoir-faire;
loads of ideas and the ability to put them into practice;
a liking for staging and presentation…

Take advantage of benefits such as…
a wide-ranging and competitive compensation program;
a particularly enjoyable working environment;
a dynamic team you’ll love working with;
a lifestyle!