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Spring/Summer 2018 Home Decor: Top 5 Trends

On one hand, there’s luxe velvet, graphic shapes and lots of brass. On the other, it’s all about pure lines and a neutral palette. From art deco-inspired opulence to Scandinavian minimalism, 2018 home décor trends are decidedly all over the map. Let’s unpack, shall we?

 Art Deco Glamour

We saw glimmers of a comeback in 2017 but this year, Art Deco is back with a vengeance: Think geometric shapes, gleaming brass, gilded accents and rich jewel tones. A stunning example of this maximalist aesthetic is Maison Corbeil’s Balzac table, which boasts a bold architectural base and brass-coloured top. To soften its angles and double down on the luxe look, add Loren chairs in padded velvet.

Table Balzac

 Velvet Underground

This plush fabric the epitome of Art Deco—and yes, it looks amazing in a living room. Both elegant and cozy, it works everywhere from armchairs and sofas to throw pillows and drapery. Case in point? The Oscar sofa by Maison Corbeil, a Chesterfield-inspired piece (hello, iconic tufted detailing) with contemporary appeal, thanks to angular lines.

Oscar Sofa

Forever Fifty Shades

Anthracite, slate, dove, silver… No matter what you call it, grey is the cool modern neutral par excellence. That being said, pearly iterations work especially well to create a soft, restful ambiance in the bedroom. Need a standout piece? Look no further than the Maison Corbeil Benjamin bed, which features a statement-making headboard (that just happens to be perfect for reading) plus hidden storage—always a bonus.  


Timeless Marble

Marble isn’t going anywhere. In fact, the mottled stone continues to inspire designers, including François Caron, the Quebec based talent behind the Diamond table: A faux marble tabletop perched atop a multifaceted, diamond-inspired metal base. This gem is a sure-fire stunner in any dining room.

Diamond Table by Trica

Nomad Nation

With unstructured styles and oversized, detachable cushions, couches like Maison Corbeil’s Élément offer the ultimate in creativity and versatility. Incidentally, that flexibility is exactly what today’s consumer—not to mention top interior designers!—are after. Because pieces are sold separately and the backs are easy to remove, you can create a customized look to suit your mood and space. Loveseat, armchair, daybed… The options are endless.

Élément Bed

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Happy anniversary, Trica!

One of Quebec’s leading contemporary furniture brands, the family-owned business celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.

Wood, metal and glass are the ultimate trio for François Caron, president and co-founder of Trica. Together, the three materials offer infinite possibilities and allow the brand to elegantly enhance every room of a house. With an affinity for contemporary style, clean lines and a simple palette, Trica crafts impeccably designed, high-end furniture with incredible attention to detail. What’s more, its pieces are all manufactured under the same roof in St-Jérôme by a team of more than 125 artisans.

The brand’s story began in 1988. The company was born, above all, from the desire of François and his brother Yves (now retired) to be their own bosses. “We were really entrepreneurs at heart, and our project took off in our parents’ garage — a real start-up!”exclaims François, who became the creative mind of company, while Yves ran the administrative side. The first pieces from the nascent brand were primarily media units for televisions and audio-visual systems. The products were certainly in tune with the times, but the co-founders quickly felt a desire to explore a wider breadth of furniture design. “We gradually starting focusing more on contemporary-style, design-focused furniture,” says François.

And so began a time of invaluable exploration for them. With the dedicated and ambitious goal of expanding into the European market, François made multiple trips across the Atlantic, and to Germany, in particular. Fascinated by what he found in furniture stores there, he was inspired to take Trica to a level that could compete with the likes of European brands. Such international brands, which had long seemed inaccessible and out of reach, suddenly because a source of inspiration and motivation for François. As a result, Trica became more refined and moved in a more contemporary direction with higher-end positioning.

Trica - Lit Dream_cmykLit Dream par Trica

The brand’s trajectory was of course aided by certain pivotal partnerships.“Eric Corbeil gave us our first chance,” recalls François. “Maison Corbeil is the exception in the field of retail furniture sales. I have visited probably hundreds of stores over the years, and I must say that Maison Corbeil has a unique way of integrating and promoting all of its stock. We are privileged as a manufacturer to have a retailer who is such a great supporter of Quebec design.” It’s a relationship that’s in fact mutually privileged, as Trica designs several models exclusively for Maison Corbeil.

Table Diamond de TricaTable Diamond par Trica

Not that any of François’ success has gone to his head. On the contrary, his enthusiasm is infectious as he describes his future plans, and he is still just as surprised — and delighted — by the popularity of his products. “I still pinch myself every time I see pictures of our furniture in people’s homes,” he says. “I am proud that we are responding to a need, and that we are making products that people like. For me, that’s extraordinary!”

Click here to watch a short video of the interview with François Caron



In addition to aesthetics and quality, Trica offers yet another reason to fall in love with the brand: the ability to customize all its products. That means selecting not only the size of a table, but also the covering of an armchair (from more than 150 fabrics and  leathers), the look of a metal component (there are more then 20 finishes and colours available) and the finish of wood (9 options in solid or veneer).

Eco-friendly design

“It has always been important for  us to respect not only the environment outside, but also the working environment of our employees. Our craftsmen play an important role in the success of our company,” says François.  As such, the brand uses wood finishes and water-based adhesives, as well as powder coatings for steel, with low VOC rates.


All in the details

Drawers lined with luxurious fabrics are among Trica’s signature features. It’s an example of detail orientation that’s rare, if non-existent, even among the most prestigious of brands. It’s also an opportunity for customers to indulge in bold colors and prints in a way that can be enjoyed in privacy and with discretion.

Colette Loves Design

When asked about her relationship with her husband, Ms. Corbeil responds without hesitation that it was easy. Skilled with numbers and the administrative side of the business, Raymond Corbeil saw great creative potential in his wife, which he encouraged her to pursue. It was the teamwork of this passionate couple that turned a small shop in Montreal’s east end into a longstanding company with four successful store concepts. With an eye on the future and the wind in her sails, Colette consistently has plans up her sleeve for the company’s next steps.

A tight-knit family

While Colette and Raymond’s sons, Éric and Stéphane, have since taken the reins, their mother still maintains an active role in the company. “We do everything together — we travel and we do buying. But we each have our strengths. It’s interesting, because my boys are a bit like Raymond and me: Stéphane focuses on the administrative side, while like me, Éric is more creative.” Though the boys both attended university, they ultimately decided to stay in the family business. Still, Colette makes it clear: “Raymond and I never pushed them to do this job, but we were happy they decided to join the company. It makes me very proud!”

Incomparable style

Decor styles and trends have changed a lot over the past four-plus decades. The market has also evolved significantly, undergoing major shifts and rough patches at times. Maison Corbeil has long supported Quebec manufacturing and design, but in the face of increased competition, many homegrown businesses have been forced to close their doors over the years. Although the made-in-Quebec furniture market is currently experiencing a resurgence — a fact that’s reflected in the many local brands on offer at Maison Corbeil — the retailer has looked to other markets to fill the gaps when necessary. Across the pond, Madame Corbeil fell in love with Italian design. “Everything starts in Milan — nothing compares on the European scene,” she says.

For the love of design

To this day, Colette Corbeil is guided by her heart when it comes to choosing furniture and decor objects for Maison Corbeil’s stores. “I have to love it. Everything I select for our stores, I would put in my own home. When we buy something, we don’t buy it simply because we know that it will sell; it needs to capture our hearts.” At times, she’ll need to have spirited discussions with her sons about budget constraints, but even the boys have their own product picks that the family weighs in on as a team. “We’re a bit of a crazy family, but we’re extremely passionate about what we do!” Colette’s magic touch can also be seen the visual concepts she develops for each store. She continues to craft the vision for all new stores, and still feels anxious about opening each one, even after all these years. “It’s nonetheless a true joy once I’m finished and everything is to my taste. I wrap things up and feel 50 years younger!”

Espace Colette

Making regular visits to Paris each year, Madame Corbeil developed a soft spot for the famous Colette boutique, which specialized in all things cutting edge, from fashion to decor objects to tech gadgets. She loved that the store had its finger firmly on the pulse and was saddened to learn it would be closing last year. “Because you can never truly say you’ve arrived in our field, we must constantly renew ourselves and take nothing for granted.” No wonder she felt inspired to create a space of her own, a place to house her most favourite objects — the ones that truly reflect her tastes and complement her style. That is how Espace Colette was born, an exclusive space at the Rockland Centre store featuring upscale Italian furniture, rich fabrics, beautiful craftsmanship and on-trend objects, all in impeccable taste and ultimately rooted in the image of Colette Corbeil.

Ask Colette for her secret and she’ll tell you, straightforwardly: “I think I was very lucky to have worked in a job I’ve always loved. Of course, we’ve faced obstacles along the way, but it seems that the older I get, the more I realize how much I love what I do.”

Come visit our Espace Colette at 1215 Boul Cremazie WMontreal QC, H4N 2W1.