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Savour the Season with 3 Summer Cocktails by Monsieur Cocktail

Dive into these three cocktail recipes by Monsieur Cocktail for a taste of the season’s biggest beverage trends. Savour them for any occasion, ideally poolside, to enjoy a refreshing summer treat!

Tropical Punch in the Afternoon

First up, Charlie’s Punch charms with the tropical aromas and slightly spicy effervescence of ginger beer and pineapple juice. This cocktail is best made in the afternoon to awaken your taste buds before sunset. No doubt the Caribbean-inspired drink will enhance any sunbathing session on your favourite deck chair!

What’s more, this summer punch by Monsieur Cocktail reflects the growing zero-waste movement among mixologists, which has made its way into the trendiest bars, from New York and to Francisco, and can be credited for the elimination of plastic straws. For this cocktail, not only are plastic draws pointless (the edible garnishes lend more than enough style to this drink), but better still, this refreshing bevvy offers the perfect excuse to use your leftover bits of rum. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy those remnants of rum in good company, and to impress family and friends with a large serving bowl or tray of Old Fashioned glasses.


Charlie’s Punch by Monsieur Cocktail
Created by mixologist Patrick Beaulieu, a true cocktail master at Monsieur Cocktail, Charlie’s Punch was crafted using ingredients found in the fridge and minibar.
Photo: Annie Ferland
Styling: Andrée-Anne Hamel

Charlie’s Punch
serves 10


3 oz (90 ml) of Bacardi White Rum
3 oz (90 ml) of Appleton Estate Rum
3 oz (90 ml) of Kraken Rum
1.5 oz (45 ml) of Cointreau
4 oz (120 ml) of Mr. Cocktail Lime Syrup
4 oz (120 ml) of pineapple juice
10 drops of Angostura bitters
1 bottle of The Great Jamaican Ginger Beer
1 can of sparkling water


Fresh mint leaves, to taste
Ground cinnamon, to taste
10 slices of lime
8 slices of fresh ginger


1. Pour the ingredients into two shakers*, except the ginger beer and sparkling water.
2. Add ice and mix. Transfer the liquid from both shakers to a punch bowl.
3. Add the ginger beer and can of sparkling water.
4. Garnish the punch bowl with mint leaves, lime and ginger slices, and sprinkle with ground cinnamon.
5. Serve with a ladle in punch cups or Old Fashioned glasses.
6. Prepare a few more lime slices and add mint leaves to garnish each glass.

* Prepare half of the recipe at a time if you do not have two cocktail shakers at home.

Cocktail Hour Calls for a Reinvented Spritz

A lovely alternative to Spanish sangrias and French kir royales, the Italian paleta is a summer-perfect cocktail that’s rather original and easy to make. It’s the ideal refreshment for living la dolce vita in the summertime, even if you do have to plan ahead to account for 12 hours of freezing time.

This drink is a true feat for Monsieur Cocktail founder Patrice Plante, who created the cold beverage by combining two famous cocktails: The first is the spritz, a classic aperitif that’s making a comeback and proving to be more popular than mojitos these days in Parisian bars; the second is the poptail, the ubiquitous frozen-alcohol treat you keep seeing all over social media feeds. But above all, Plante was inspired by Mexican iced pops (paletas) to create this concoction.

Prioritizing simplicity, reinventing the classics and featuring fresh ingredients, this Italian paleta encompasses the cocktail world’s biggest trends. And while spritzes usually consist of white wine, sparkling water and bitter alcohol, the mixologist replaces white wine with cava here to give his creation a more refined touch and to make it a truly marvellous alcoholic treat to present on any accent table.

Paletas-Italien (002)

Italian Paleta by Monsieur Cocktail
For this Italian paleta recipe, Patrice Plante combines two trendy cocktails of the moment: the spritz and the popsicle-cocktail.
Photo: Annie Ferland
Styling: Andrée-Anne Hamel

Italian Paleta
makes 6 paletas


2 oz (60 ml) of Aperol
1 cup of cold water
2 oz (60 ml) of freshly squeezed orange juice
4 oz (120 ml) of Monsieur Cocktail Grapefruit Syrup
2.5 oz (75 ml) of Segura Viudas Cava Brut sparkling wine


1. Add all of the ingredients to a blender, except the cava. Blend.
2. Pour the liquid into popsicle molds.
3. Freeze for 12 hours.
4. Place each paleta in a glass and add cava. Serve immediately.

The Culinary Cocktail, An Extraordinary Digestif

Prolong pool days and delight your friends into the late evening with this bourbon-and-blueberry mojito, a modern take on the traditional Cuban drink. Unlike the original, which features rum and is usually enjoyed as an aperitif, this chic version by Monsieur Cocktail is meant to be sipped after a meal, ideally while lounging on a sofa on your terrace. Well-balanced bourbon and Angostura bitters, a blend of herbs and spices, are known to promote digestion. Simply serve this drink in a highball glass filled with ice.

Another interesting detail about this easy-to-make cocktail is its nod to gastronomy. Patrice Plante plays off a fresh summer salad with ingredients like parsley and mint, and brings in another seasonal Quebec favourite: blueberries from Lac-Saint-Jean. Side note: Did you know that many bartenders started out as chefs? So, don’t be surprised if you see a new wave of cocktails emerge featuring culinary techniques, textures and flavours never before seen in the world of alcoholic drinks.

Mojito-Bleuets-Bourbon (002)
Bourbon and Blueberry Mojito by Monsieur Cocktail
Shine the spotlight on Quebec blueberries with this bourbon-and-blueberry mojito by Monsieur Cocktail.
Photo: Annie Ferland
Styling: Andrée-Anne Hamel 

Bourbon and Blueberry Mojito
serves 1


1.5 oz (45 ml) of bourbon
0.75 oz (22.5 ml) of Monsieur Cocktail Lime Syrup
8 fresh mint leaves
2 drops of Angostura bitters
6 blueberries
The Great Jamaican Ginger Beer


Fresh mint
Fresh parsley


1. Crush the blueberries in a glass.
2. Rub the 8 mint leaves in the palm of your hand to release the aromas and add to the glass with the rest of the ingredients, except the ginger beer.
3. Fill with ice and mix with a bar spoon (10 full turns).
4. Top with ginger beer.
5. Garnish with mint and parsley.

Original, thirst-quenching and on point with the latest trends, these three cocktails were made for toasting to the end of summer in style!